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2021-08-23 13:55 by Sarah Denninger
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Not going to lie to you guys being here has been crazy. Being in Tennessee has been such an interesting but bewildering adjustment. I've been making friends here, going on adventures, climbing, and just loving the freedom I feel. I love being able to go somewhere at any moment and I love the idea of being outside as much as possible. It's crazy how much being outside on a regular basis can change you in so many ways. It changed my diet, it changed my mood and it changed the way I look at myself. 

If you guys follow my blog you know by now that I am generally an outdoorsy kind of girl. I always try to do what I can to get outside and that could be for a run, a walk, a hike, to climb, or just to sit and enjoy the sounds of nature. The problem with that in Florida is that there is none of that there. Not a single thing. Maybe climbing but that's if you go to a gym or if you want to drive 6-8 hours to get somewhere decent and even then it's a stretch. 

In turn with changing my lifestyle, also has given me a chance to think about my life and the next steps that I want to take. I want to travel more so I am currently working on the van and making progress on it being more livable. If you saw my Twitter post I showed the underside of the roof and pointed out where the fan install will go. Just today I went ahead and ordered the fan and it should be here by next week. Once that is done we will be making modifications for the storage space since we realized that there is SO much more room than I had anticipated. So many changed, so many things in play and I am so excited for what is to come. Of course for my birthday this year, I am looking at what openings I have since I'm currently not able to do too much at the moment. Really I'm excited. It may be a chill year of exploration and it may be the big 25 but I feel like maybe it's good to take a step back and appreciate what I have. 

Of course, I say that it may not be very big but we will see what happens. I'm keeping an open mind for this one. 


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