Camping this weekend
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2021-08-26 11:42 by Sarah Denninger
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Camping this weekend

This weekend I'm going camping up in Obed which I'm not going to lie...I am SUPER excited about it. With the van currently out of commission (mostly because I have it in pieces for the fan install next week) we will be doing the old-fashioned tent camping and I am ready. Were going to get there, have a fire, watch some stars, and of course play with the cameras I will be bringing. I'm honestly really excited about that. I've been wanting to go camping for a while now and I'm ready to get outside and enjoy some peace and quiet. Of course, during the day we are going climbing and I cant wait to take photos out there and then share them with you guys. NOt only that but I'm bringing my spare camera and my friend will be taking photos as well (for fun). It's nice to see the other side of things and what other people's perspectives are. 

The week after that we may try to go star chasing and see what we can find out here. I'm not sure what the chances are of getting good shots but I like to practice when I can and I may have a friend join me in the chase. 

Along with this trip, I am also planning my Birthday. As you may recall I went on a ten-week road trip last time to celebrate my life and being on this wonderful planet. This year I have absolutely NO clue what I am doing. For the first time in years, I am struggling with deciding what to do. The U.S Is so big but I also think the idea of being restricted is throwing me off. I want to go everywhere and I think I'm overwhelmed and at the same time underwhelmed? It's weird to try to describe it but I feel like If I choose something I'm missing out on other options. It honestly is driving me crazy with the decision. Of course, I will do SOMETHING and I will have an amazing time but, the choice is so hard. 


Right now I have west Virginia, Delaware, Kentucky, and possibly going to see Boston or New York City. I don't know what I will choose but I'm sure Ill make up my mind soon. I'm just ready for more exploration and time to "turn off." I am also looking to make more pieces soon for you guys and to let my inner 25-year-old inspiration make some artwork. With the way life is right now, I am sure that the pieces I will make will be amazing. I'm ready to get dirty, pour some paint and show you what I make. If you want to support my birthday and travels click the link here to go check out what I have now. I know it's not a lot of options but Stay tuned for more artwork coming to you in the next week as well as a new Youtube Video. I'm excited to finally get the progress out there. 

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