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2021-10-20 19:46 by Sarah Denninger
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There are so many wonderful pieces for sale and all purchases help me with my adventures and I have so many panned and one of them is in the spring and summer. I'm going North/East and will be visiting around ten states. I'm so excited and I know Lylah is too. I'm not sure what I'm going to do but I am excited to make the trip up there and to see what is North of Tennessee. I'm sure there are many beautiful places to see and that there are so many places to climb which is something I want to integrate into my trip north. I also am looking for hiking locations and must-stop areas. I'm really excited to knock out these states up there and to just enjoy my time at the east coast. It's exhilarating and wonderful to know that there is so much to do and see and to remember that enjoying life is just as important as doing the grind that we do every day to get by and make a living.  


Of course, when I get back from that trip I will be going West to do the Grand Tetons half marathon which is something that I am excited about. Not only do I get to g back west but I get to push myself again to do thirteen miles. Not only have I done one-half marathon but with this race, it will be my official third half I have done which is exhilarating to think about. With that race, I'm looking to just enjoy the outdoors and see the west side of our beautiful country once again. And with that, the van will hopefully be close to finished and more livable than last time I was out there. It's crazy to think how much has been changed since I purchased the van and how far it has gone. 

I know you guys are waiting for more updates on the van and they are coming. Getting updates on it has been small and slow. I can only do so much at a time but really the fan install was the biggest thing and has been a huge help. Not only do I have power but I have ventilation which has been helpful at night. I'm hoping to get that video up for you guys soon. Just keep an eye out. 

Other than that I'm just adventuring, paying off my debts, and figuring out my next steps for my next big trip. 

Any recommendations for the big North east side of the U.S? Any must-see places? 


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