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2021-11-16 15:04 by Sarah Denninger
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Following my content

Haters gonna hate and that's always the case with anything your gonna do in life. You can't make everybody happy and everyone is going to have an opinion about how things should be, how people should treat their bodies, how people should eat food, what car they should drive, etc etc. The list is endless and it always is a pain because you literally cannot make everyone happy You can try your damnedest but it won't work. Someone will always be unhappy with who you are, what you do, or what you say. Always. 

With that being said, if you are on my Twitter or my blog and you don't like what you see or read then move on. It's not difficult to do. There is always a way to exit out of what you are seeing. It's not difficult and you can do it with ease. 

If for some reason you have an issue with what I do or say, whatever it is, move along. You can put your opinions but I may comment back about it or totally disregard you. I don't have time for your unhappiness about how I run things or my decisions with my body, what I wear, or even say. If you want to support me awesome, thank you so much for all you do and for continuing to follow and purchase art from me, it means the world. 


If you don't like what you see and that makes you not want to support me then that is totally ok. I have zero problems with that and I understand if you don't want to purchase anything or read my content or make donations. Just realize that if you make any rude comments or posts that two things could happen. 1)You could get backlash from me or a comment depending on what you say. It could be nice or it could be me giving you back the same amount of sass and retort as you gave. or 2) You get blocked depending on what you say or do with my content. 

I just don't have time for the haters, even though there are a lot out there, and I will do what I can to make sure that I do what's appropriate for the situation. 

So just keep that in mind if you're following along on my life journey, art, or anything else I post. With that being said, thank you to those who support me and I appreciate it as always. 

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