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2022-01-18 15:35 by Sarah Denninger
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Hey everyone! Happy new year. I hope you all are doing well and even though we're only eighteen days into the start of 2022 I hope that everyone's resolutions are going swimmingly. 

In terms of the resolutions for myself, I finally came up with a list of reasonable things I would like to do this year and aim for. One of them is to make more art pieces for you guys and I have a certain number I would like to make (and hopefully sell) by the end of 2022. As some of you may have noticed the first one dropped this morning and in less than an hour it sold. Which was not only exciting but amazing to have happened. Mostly because I wasn't sure how quickly a new piece would sell since art pieces are always a hit or miss these days. So in turn thank you for the support. 


One of my other resolutions is to get back into the regular blog posting but make a schedule for when those will be posted. It may not be as frequent as my dad's (market ticker) but I am hoping to make a schedule where I post two or three posts a week and get back into the groove. It seems more probable for me and I'm hopeful as to be able to keep that promise. 

As for other resolutions those are more personal and I will keep to myself for the time being. I honestly am just ready to expand and see what comes this year. I'm hoping to get back into my creative mindset and get the ball rolling on my small business and it's exciting to think that things are moving in a positive direction. So here we come 2022. Small steps can lead to bigger and better things. 

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