Race around the corner
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2022-04-21 16:12 by Sarah Denninger
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Race around the corner

It's crazy to think that this race is coming up so soon. These last few months have flown by and I am just astounded about how quickly it's come and gone. In less than two months I will be running my third half marathon which is astronomical considering that I never thought I would do another one, especially after Yellowstone. That race was extremely hard and I thought I was going to die halfway. This race is supposedly easier and should be on better terrain but we won't really know until we get there. It's nuts to think about and I really am interested to see how it goes.

Performance-wise I really have no idea how it will be. I have been all over the place with this training and I really think it's from the change in sea level vs nonsea level. I've never had to train in higher elevations and I will say it is kicking my ass at the moment. It's wild how little of a change can make this type of training ten times more difficult but here we are. 

In the end, though I think I will do fine and I Have a ballpark of where I will land with my time. I just hope that the race is as good as I have read on. I also really hope for no surprises but who really knows with that one unless you have done the race already. I'm hopeful and ready to get this done. After months of training and I am ready to put it to work. 

And of course, I cant wait to tell you how it went. If we died, if we liked it, or if we just simply think it was ok. Races are hard to judge because of the buzz and adrenaline at the start but I'm sure we will have a fair assessment with the thirteen behind us. 

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