Stopping the consumption (not forever)
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2022-05-15 15:57 by Sarah Denninger
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Stopping the consumption (not forever)

Yesterday was my last hurrah with the good old alcohol that I love so much. My friend J and I went out and did an impromptu trip up to the huckleberry knob and with a short hike completed we then made our way down to this cute little place to eat by the river. They had a huge list of alcoholic beverages with the prices listed right next to each beverage. Immediately I appreciated the forwardness. Most places like to hide beverage prices, especially with it being a mixed drink. Glancing at the menu my choice was a lemon drop cocktail. Not only is it tasty but I know that it will get me good and buzzed. With some delicious burgers and a side salad to match my low-carb diet, I was set. Once we were done eating we sat by the river while Lylah demolished the river and enjoyed running in and out of it like a crazy person. We just watched while she enjoyed the time outdoors. After all, she grew up being outside all the time. 

Little does she know that we are heading out soon on another cross-country trip. Despite the increase in gas prices I am just going to really try to enjoy the time. I'm hoping to be able to not freak out about the price and just breathe in the fresh air and get some adventures in. I really need the time away and I need to clear my head. It will be wonderful to get the chance to enjoy what is ahead. I know the goal is the half marathon but really I am ready to enjoy everything else that is to come. Making memories that will be forever remembered is the ultimate goal. 

This will also be a test to see if I can work while I am traveling. It would be nice to know for sure if I can do my job on the road and just be out in the open. I want to explore but not be dead broke for it. So it's a mix of goals. Making memories, trying out my work, and completing my third half marathon since I started this running journey (started at 17/18) that I love (and equally hate). So many things are going to happen and it's T minus three weeks till the truth is revealed to us as to what I am capable of. 

For those that may be out in that direction for the race let us know. Im sure it will be a big party to celebrate such a feat and I am more than looking forward to the wine that I will consume. 

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