Getting things together
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2022-05-19 14:34 by Sarah Denninger
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Getting things together

The fun of getting the van together has only just begun. In this preparation, I have had to make sure that I take 90% of the items out and put them inside to get them all sorted. The truth of the matter is that van life or travel is difficult to organize. You don't have a second car to use while you are away so you want to make sure you have everything your gonna need and that if you have to buy something its something small and not something that will make you wonder about your choices. 

For this trip, I don't really know how long I will be out. Could be 3 weeks at a minimum but even that is unclear right now. I do know that I need to make sure that all the things I usually use are ready to be put to work and charged. I also have to make sure all "small" things are ready and conveniently placed. The van is not completed so it makes storage hard to figure out but I am getting there. Really there isn't much left to do and the bigger projects are done. It's just small minor inconveniences that will need to be adjusted once I am home. There may even be a possible bed gut job/redo in store but that is just in the works of the thinking process. 

Not only do I have to think of myself but I also have to make sure Lylahs stuff is also prepped and ready (which is part of the storage problem I cant wait to get fixed) to go so that I have less to worry about in the long run. Dog food and supplies are expensive and I want to have her belongings set up and as prepped as they possibly can be. I'm sure she will be stoked to be back on the road and will enjoy every second of it. Of course with this trip, there are also formidable gas prices to also keep in mind. I'm not excited about that which is why I'm trying to not go crazy on the driving expedition of this trip. It's a lot just to get to the Tetons I can't imagine trying to drive around in other places and experience more than what I signed up for. Then again I also know that I want to get to traveling soon anyway so maybe this is just a heads up for what to expect for the time being. 

But I am excited to see what comes my way and who knows maybe It will all work out and ill be out there longer than I expected. Time will only tell with this one. 


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