First day of the road ahead
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2022-05-30 10:22 by Sarah Denninger
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First day of the road ahead

Yesterday afternoon I started the drive out west. First, though I do the infamous thing called "working" which I put in air quotes because yes it's a job but also not a good paying one. But nonetheless, it will pay something which I will take over nothing. Of course, with that start of the journey, there is always the final task that you have to accomplish before you really go off into the distance. Grocery shopping. Some people go before, some people eat on the road not even bothering to buy other foods, I prefer to do it the day of Why you may ask. The reason being is that I think better the day of. I usually have an idea of what to expect, my route is planned out (or most of it anyway) and I prefer to really have that be a start of the trip excursion. 

Once I have that planned out and my food in stock I can then really focus on the road ahead. The trip really begins once you have the food and drink loaded and nothing but the music and road to guide you forward. For this trip, we started out at the Kroger not far from the house with a full tank of gas and started onward to the long road ahead. And the long road it definitely will be. 

So far we have only made it to the border of Illinois and Kentucky and I am working for a good portion of the day but once I am off I will be back on the road ready to take on the next set of miles ahead. I don't know what the traffic will be like and I don't know how long it will take to get to where we are going but I am ready. I have my coffee, my pup, and my bed all in one place. How Can I go wrong?

Well, the only way I can go wrong is with this work arrangement at the moment which is killing my behind. Hopefully, I can figure out a remedy for that after this trip is completed so that assisting guests and making money is more convenient than this current situation. But for now, onward! 

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