As the saying goes
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2022-05-31 10:37 by Sarah Denninger
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As the saying goes

The saying goes "As the cookie crumbles" and man does it crumble. 

It's been a day of working and I can already tell you changes that need to be made in this setup. First and foremost I need to set up a cooling pad for the floor. This heat is ridiculous nad even with me switching the van on and off to help with battery life for the fan we installed it is H.O.T. Now, most of you are probably thinking, well just open the doors, let the air innnnnn. Yea the issue with that is noise. I can hear it all around if I even open a crack. So you have a sweltering sauna while you're talking to people on the line. 

Second, I need something to help out with this "desk setup". Currently, I'm using a cooler for my computer and mouse and then I am leaning back against the bed frame to have some support for my back. I'm thinking of a foldable piece of wood that will be on the passenger side so I can have a desk-like area useable for everything I need including "work". Of course, it would be useful for also the coffee that I need to consume since I have to be up early for the hours I'm currently scheduled for. Coffee is always a must to deal with the crazies that come on my phone line. 

Third and last. I need to add in a second bug screen on the passenger side to help manage the nasty buggers in our ecosystem and to also help with future airflow. I think in the end it's just going to make travel life that much easier. As well as get the window screen installs configured so that I have the ability to let air in while we sleep without being eaten to shreds. 

Only two days in and I'm learning so much already. I'm hoping by this winter this van will be 90% finished. It's amazing the way it is now but you can always improve as they say and I am ready to get my hands dirty and make this setup even more fluid than it already is. 

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