Heart of the State
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2022-06-16 12:24 by Sarah Denninger
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Heart of the State

Have you ever been to one of those towns where it is in the mountains away from everything and I mean everything? 

Well currently I'm in one of those locations. This cute little town is called Staley and it is in the great state of Idaho. The only service you get is directly in the town itself and it has a whopping population of 263 people. Which last time I was here they were a little over 100 so it  went up quite a bit but hey that's what happens when covid shuts everything down and you have nowhere to go. 

Staley is a place that is only open for about five months out of the year to the general public mostly because when it snows they shut down the roads and the people in the town have nowhere to go and nobody can really get in except by snow mobile. Which is wild to think about. The location is in the center of Idaho and as some of the locals say, its the heart of the state. 


This is my second time here and I am so happy to spend more time in the area. Last time it was just a quick drive through situation and I thought it was quiet quaint and I thought it was a place I would love to come back to. So here I am. in this quiet town with a little over 200 people and just enjoying being out in the wilderness with very little connection and just enjoying being with Lylah. 

In honesty this place really makes me appreciate nature and all that it has to offer and the people here are nice and just want to have everyone enjoy their little slice of paradise but not too much that it becomes a place like the Tetons. I honesty hope that never happens. 



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