Onward the story goes
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2022-07-05 17:51 by Sarah Denninger
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Onward the story goes

Tomorrow afternoon I'm hitting the road again. I've been in Stanley for about three weeks and it has been amazing. In truth, I am really sad to leave. It's been beautiful here and I have made so many amazing memories and I have made some amazing friends with people that I am more than excited to see again. In September I'm planning to run a race and then ill be heading back in this direction. I'm going to stop and see the North and South Dakotas so that I can check those off my list. then ill be coming back to Idaho to spend some time here and explore more in detail. I have met someone who works in the forest service and he has been more than accommodating and has let me stay here. With some discussion, he is down to have me come back and spend more time here once the race is over. 

Knowing I have a place to stay and knowing that I will be able to relax is just wonderful. Metting people is one of the biggest reasons I love to travel as much as I do. If you make connections you get to know others and once you stop being strangers then you have places to crash for a short amount of time between being on the road. It's honestly wonderful and being able to stay here In Stanley, enjoy the small-town life, and just be still for a bit has been wonderful. 

Lylah and I have done so many wonderful hikes here and I have so much footage to share with you guys. I can't wait to make a YouTube video and share it all. It's just stunning and I am so happy I made the last-minute decision to swing back into this town. In about two months ill be back on the road again and will be semi-permanent in my travel life. Of course, I'll be making trips back to the house in TN but that is to be expected so that I can see him and my lovely kitty who is waiting for me back home. After all, she is my first pet and I never would want to abandon her. 


With that being said next stop will be salt Lake city. The good news is that it's only a five-hour drive so it's not too bad to do in a day's drive. 


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