I hate the heat
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2022-07-08 13:17 by Sarah Denninger
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I hate the heat

I'm not sure why people like traveling in the Summer. Especially to places that are mostly advertised all around. For example, Zion has been advertised widely as well as Yellowstone, and yet in the summer, they are both terrible choices. Maybe early summer, like May or VERY early June but the rest of the summer is terrible timing for all. Why do I say that? Well, the main reason is the heat. I hate the summer because of the heat. It's hot and sticky, and you get dehydrated so quickly and it just makes for terrible business when people get sick or dizzy. not only that but the parks are terribly overcrowded. 

Sure the time of the year is nice, in theory. It's green, lush with wild animals and beautiful green pasters but other than that what's the difference? Not much really. I'm sure a good portion of this decision is because of school which always has an impact on what people decide but personally, I would just wait till I'm done with school or out of it to go visit in the fall. It's cooler, the parks are less crowded and you don't have a possible chance of hitting monsoon season (we saw what happened in Yellowstone ) which is dangerous and can leave you stranded somewhere you don't want to be. 

When I started this journey out west last month I thought it would be a quick out and back and then I realized that I can just live in the van for a bit and travel and I am very glad I did it. I'm still out here traveling a little bit. Currently, I'm in Salt Lake City and I'm going to be spending a few days here to climb, run and just take a moment. Then ill go further south for a bit before heading home. 

The problem with heading south is the heat. It's always the heat. I hate it more than anything. It's part of the reason I hated Florida. You would think growing up there I wouldn't mind the humidity and heat but I actually spent most of my summers inside loathing the outdoors. So for 3/4s of the year, I was what I like to call an "indoor cat". Never ventured more than 20 feet outside of that. if I did go outside it was at night and even then it was ****ty. 

So here I am. A heat-hating person in Utah, sitting in my van hatting the heat. I chose this of course and yes I am happy I'm out here.....but even with that said I still hate it. I cant wait for the fall 




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