Twist and Turns lead to Zion
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2022-07-11 22:25 by Sarah Denninger
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Twist and Turns lead to Zion

This trip has taken a fun, unexpected turn. I will be going to Zion the day after tomorrow to meet up with a good friend of mine. We met in Florida at a climbing gym where I used to work and he used to be a member. He's a great guy who is tall, funny, and just all-around gives me good vibes. I'm excited to see him after almost two years of not seeing one another. we have so much to catch up on and with this trip, we will be visiting the Narrows at Zion National park which has been on my list for almost two years. 

The great thing about this hike is it does not require a permit to go check it out. It's a nine-mile trip and it's through the water. yes, water. So getting wet is part of the fun and as you venture through the Narrows you get to have some time to stare up at the wonderful cavern around you and interact with those that are on the same journey as you. This hike doesn't really have a view at the end but rather it's about the experience of going through the narrows that's attractive. 

You get to hang out with who you came with and you get to experience going through these waters with someone and just be a part of the moment with them. Normally I do hikes for the view at the end but every once in a while I like to do a hike just to ease the mind and my sanity. I like to have an experience and what better way to have an experience with someone than to go through the narrows with them. 

I don't really know what to expect and I have no idea how this little side trip will go but I am ready to see my friend and share all the details of our lives. Sometimes it's nice to have little adventures, have a drink, and talk for hours on end. For me, I think that's the real way to connect with someone. Adventure, drink, and Talk, usually in some order or another. Although I prefer to not drink before an adventure but, I guess that depends on what you are doing that day and what you would classify as "adventure". 

Oh, how exciting. I can't wait. 

Of course, stay tuned because I can't wait to let you know how this hike really is. Of course, it will come with photos and I'm sure a story or two. (Hopefully, I don't drop my camera this time)

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