T minus 6 days
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2022-09-18 13:48 by Sarah Denninger
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T minus 6 days

Why helllooo fellow travelers! It's good to be back on the keyboard typing out life news to you guys. Although not much has happened just yet. These past few months of me being silent were mostly because we were working on the revamping of the van and after much work and hassle, we finally completed the modifications and even went ahead and gave it a few test runs to make sure it would work out. It is honestly amazing. 


I now have shelves on one side, extra storage underneath, storage up above for dry food, and a shelf behind the driver's seat for food/coffee storage as well as a very small desk where I can work comfortably and also be out of the way and not in the middle of the main floor. With two test runs under my belt with this new setup, I can finally say I'm excited to take off in a week and give it a real chance as a small home on wheels. 

I don't know How this next chapter will go but I am ready for the adventures, hikes, people, and new lessons that will be coming my way. I even plan to make as much art as possible while I am in the van and I am stoked to see what I will create and sell along the way. They will, of course, be 8*10 pieces for the sake of space but while traveling I will be able to send them from any post office or maybe do a drop-off if I'm nearby.

T minus 6 days till I'm on the road. 


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