So it begins
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2022-09-26 10:34 by Sarah Denninger
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So it begins

We're finally on the road. Off towards an adventure of unknowns. This will be the longest I have lived in the van and it will not only be a great adventure but also a test of my ability to not only take care of myself but to see how I can keep up financially. I've spent two months in the van and that was with visits to friends' places out west. I was able to do laundry, stretch out in a home, have AC and shower access 24/7, and of course the ability to watch TV when I wanted among friends. This time around I'm not sure if I will have that same chance to really get those periods of rest. 

I know in December I will be in Vegas for New years and in January or February, I will be in Colorado to meet with dad for some skiing/snowboarding. Of course, I have little faith in my ability seeing as I haven't done much snowboarding in almost two years. But who knows, maybe I will get more practice this year and finally get the courage to do the green slopes. 

Other than those two destinations that I need to be at I have no idea what will happen or where I will be but I am excited. My first stop will be in South Dakota and then North Dakota to tick those off and finally say I have been there. I am of course also hoping to do some Bouldering in those states but we won't know how that is until I get out there. 

If you have any suggestions for North or South Dakota please let me know. I am open to visiting any spots in those states and would love the advice. It's appreciated and wanted. 


All pieces purchased help me greatly and are much appreicated. 

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