Making the route for the Dakotas
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2022-09-28 10:24 by Sarah Denninger
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Making the route for the Dakotas

Slowly but surely I'm making my way North and then plan to head west. Currently, I'm in Illinois checking out some of the climbing in the area before I head up to the Dakotas where many of you submitted some suggestions for where to visit and check out while I am there. I plan to see as much as possible so I am currently planning out a route for how I would like that to go and the best way to save gas (by determining a route that isn't too crazy and doesn't go back and forth a lot) and make the most out of this experience. Really I'm just excited to get two more states off my list but most importantly I am excited to take my time. 

In truth, seven months is a long time to be in a van and it's a lot of time to explore. I get to stop and see things I may not have been able to see otherwise. I finally get to cruise along and really see what I want to see. 

This adventure has only just begun and I am excited to see all the wonderful things I want to see and of course, figure out how to get things situated in this van. Right now things are put away like a puzzle. Maneuvering things in a way that made them all fit comfortably without too much hassle in the planning and in the ideal that I can move things around when I figure out what I need more than the rest. Of course, I also plan to do a small tour of the inside of the van for those of you that are still interested in seeing the inside. The modifications are completed and Thanks to my Fathers handy work it is so much more comfortable than it was with the previous design. 

So stay tuned for photos, updates, and of course a Youtube video drop of the van. It should be good and I can't wait to share the journey with you all. 

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