One Week down
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2022-10-03 11:41 by Sarah Denninger
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One Week down

Tomorrow marks the first week of being back in the van. A Whole freaking week has gone by. In honesty, it feels like a lot longer than that but I think it's just because I have been doing something every single day so far. From Hiking to climbing, to running it has been a wonder to get outside every day and just breathe in that fresh air and enjoy our time out here. Right now I am still in Illinois. Just outside of Carbondale. Why am I still here? Well, the reason is simple. 

There is so much to do here. 


I've driven through Illinois a bunch of times and I have visited Shawanee National Forest before but, back then I wasn't a climber. I had no idea how much stuff there was around me and I had no idea how cool it all was. Years later, here I am visiting in my van and able to take my time. There is no rush to be anywhere anytime soon so I figure I might as well enjoy the moment. Every day Lylah and I get to go out and do a new hike, run an errand, or simply sit back and enjoy the moment in the woods after a trail run. In truth, I have been hanging out in a small rest area to save the expense of campground fees and it's helped a bunch. People just leave me alone and let me do my thing. By noon I'm gone and out doing some activity and late evening I'm back to sleep and work. It's a great way to not only relax but spend the day. 

I'll be in this area until Sunday the 9th and from there I'll be moving on to St.Louis to check out the arch (I've heard the elevator ride is a pretty scary but unique experience) and then move on the next day to the Dakotas to explore all those wonderful places that were recommended to me. 


Alert; New piece drops today! Keep an eye out!

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