Pierre South Dakota
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2022-10-19 14:50 by Sarah Denninger
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Pierre South Dakota

Right now we're in Pierre South Dakota and let me just say that this little town is such a cute place. There's not much here but it is extremely fascinating to know that there is history in this little town. In 1808 Lewis and Clark first visited here as part of the Luisnanna purchase to try and explore this vast land and see what the U.S was really like since (as it turned out) all the books that they read were incorrect. After Lewis and Clark first came here it was then established in 1817 as a fur trading post. After that, it was founded in 1880 and slowly grew when more people came in with plans to expand the railroad and made it the center of industry for Cattle, Mining, and farming. 


The town today has a little over 13,000 people and it's still got some original buildings from the 1800s around. They have the very, very small jail which is the size of an outhouse with a much smaller roof, and they even have the original school there which is the size of two outhouses put together. My favorite place around here though is the La Frambroise Island. The island itself is wonderful to explore. It's got 9 miles of trail and is 580 acres. None of it is inhabited except for the trails themselves and they do their best around here to make sure it stays that way. Personally, I think it's wonderful that they have such a wonderful place to explore. From October until May dogs are allowed to run off leash so for Lylah that means the island is fully hers to run around on and enjoy. 

I can only imagine what it was like for Lewis and Clark to come here. Besides this little town, there isn't much of anything to the east, and to the west, there are the badlands. I can only imagine the cold winters and the terrain is difficult to follow. It's not flat and your eyes definitely play tricks on you but nonetheless...it is beautiful.


Next, we move on to the Badlands 

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