One month down
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2022-10-25 11:52 by Sarah Denninger
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One month down

Hello, one and all! Hope you guys are doing well and that things are dandy.

We are a month in on this trip. A whole freaking month and I can't believe it. It's wild to think about how long we have been out here exploring, driving, and just living life. We have done so many trials, Been through many states and we have only just begun. Right now we are parked outside Crazy Horse and that experience was a wonder to see. Who would have thought we would be carving into stone giant monuments for future generations to see? Of course, at the rate they are going, it may not be done for another 50 years or more. With it being a private foundation they don't get much coming in to actually carve into the stone. sad to think ill never see it completed because it will be Magnificent when it is but also interesting to think about if it will survive long enough to get to completion. Only time will really tell of course. 

I also visited Mount Rushmore and that was quite a view in itself. I do think it's a marvel to think about all the people who helped make it a reality and the amount of time and effort that went into the process. The details in the carving and the ingenuity that went behind that process are a lot to wrap around for the time it was built. It makes me feel a spark of creativity as an artist. Of course, I can't do realism like that but one can dream of doing something of that scale and detail. 


We will be going out to spearfish canyon and then to Devil's tower. I'm excited to see more of these amazing places and I am ready to explore them. We are in no rush so we have taken out time getting around. Luckily out here there are plenty of places to camp for free so I have been using that to my advantage and people don't bother me whenever I park in these places. I will be saving these locations for future use which will be helpful and can also share locations that I have stayed at with others if people need it. I'm sure I will have plenty of locations as time goes on. 


Will make a separate post about the Badlands for you guys and I also have three videos dropping here in the next few days. I dropped one the other day and they are vlogs about my thoughts, feelings, and events happening on the road. I'll make a separate post for that as well. 

Love you guys. 


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