Cold weather
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2022-11-05 12:06 by Sarah Denninger
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Cold weather

One of the many things I do wish this van had was a central heating system of some kind. We're heading into cold weather and over the last five days, it has definitely become a little colder at night. Luckily I have Lylah to help keep me warm (even though I have a thing against dogs being in bed I am making an exception for this kind of cold weather) and she is literally a furnace. Throughout the night she will move but she mostly keeps her butt against my legs or side which keeps the warmth under the blanket. 

I am also looking at getting a battery-operated blanket for those chilly nights so that it helps some with getting us warm and keeping us warm. Most only last five hours but I think that's more than enough considering that I'm also in 30 minutes or less when I get in bed. I can then charge it while I drive around and have it set up for the next night. really I think it's the best option for a long-term solution. 

So far the coldest we have reached is 20 and in the van, it's a little warmer (around 30 to 40 depending on where I am) and it's surprising that none of the water in my van has frozen yet. I am hoping that won't happen as I need that to drink and stay hydrated but only time will tell as we progress on our trip. I'm interested to see how things go and see how we handle this type of cold. I am looking to get some thermals to help with those cold winter hikes as I have noticed I get cold very easily. Of course, I'm hoping to break up staying in the van some by staying at a client's place in Salt Lake city (I'm dog-sitting out there) and also staying with a friend in Vegas for Christmas time and will be ready to enjoy free hot showers and more room to move in with hot air all around. With that being said I don't miss Florida's hot air (screw you Florida) but I do miss the warmer side of temperatures for more of the purposes of showering without freezing my ass to oblivion. 

Once a week I go find a real hot shower somewhere and pay up some money to do that but I cut back expenses by putting up with the freezing cold water my portable shower provides. 

Were going to be moving North West today and make our way into Idaho for a few days to do some climbing and hopefully see some scenery. I was hoping to go back to Stanley for a few days to hike some trails but they already have feet of snow coming in and I don't think Gimli would do well in those conditions so were gonna pass on that opportunity. 

Wish us luck. 


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