New years Eve
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New years Eve

Las Vegas has been one of those places where I could see myself living. It has a lot of amazing climbing spots, the mountains are only twenty minutes from the city, even when it snows it only snows in the mountains and not in the town, and it's just really fun. There are a lot of things to do in this city and it was a real treat to get to experience so many wonderful opportunities and places. 

While I was in Vegas I got to experience Freemont Street on New Year's Eve. Now for those that don't know Freemont street is normally Free but on New Year's eve they have Bands that come in and play from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m. The total for this experience was around $60 which in honesty I was fine with paying. Mostly because I wanted to see Freemont street and of course why not do this experience. Get drunk, have good food, and listen to live music? Why yes I want to do that. So we go ahead and get our tickets, get inside and go to this whisky bar-like a joint that has the only rotating bar in the area. Of course, everything they served (drink-wise) had whisky in it and if you ordered alcohol it was a 2-drink minimum. Bring it on. 


So we sit down, order some burgers and drinks, and were listening to this amazing DJ who is remixing music from my childhood. If you know anything about 90's/ early 2000 music you can imagine. We watched the crowd as some people danced away and I even made eye contact with a lovely lady who was also dancing at the bar and we made shoutouts to one another. Let me just say that the burgers were top-notch. I ordered this jalapeno burger and it had to be, hands down, the best jalapeno burger I've had so far that says a lot because I love spicey food and over the years some of those burgers have been poorly made. This one was amazing and perfectly messy. 

Once our stomachs were primed and food in our bellies we set off down to the party. Keeping in mind that Bob Marley's band was going to be playing soon we grabbed some alcohol and a cigar. Once we had our items we set ourselves in the crowd and go to drinking and smoking. Now you guys I love live music and when I listened to The Wailers I got a special experience. I say that because I was imagining what it felt like when my dad went to a concert in his youth and this seemed pretty close to that feeling. People were singing, dancing, smoking weed, cigars were being passed and alcohol was consumed. We made some friends immediately and sang our hearts out. I even managed to get a blunt from someone after a five-minute conversation and that set the mood just right. 


Once the Wailers were done (around 11) we decided it was time to walk back to our Airbnb so we could see the fireworks which launch from the Strat. Our Air Bnb was in the perfect location. Once we got back we sat and watched and concluded the night. 

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