Slowly learning about Gimli
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2023-01-31 09:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Slowly learning about Gimli

If anybody on here knows me, they know that I don't speak the car language. It's lost to me most of the time and I can always feel my brain frying when those kinds of conversations come up. There's so much lingo and things I don't really understand and I'm not one that learns by just words, I learn by action. So if I practice it enough I will then retain that info but it has to be consistent or it's gone. 

With cards, I've been forced to now have to learn how the van runs. Now I say Force like it's a bad thing but in honesty, it's not. I'm glad that I'm learning and with the issues Gimli has been having on this life-changing experience I have been learning the lingo slowly but surely. I've also been learning how the van comes apart and how it goes back together. Just recently I had issues with the wiring to the MAF sensor along with the MAF being bad and an air leak. I learned how those all tie together and I learned what I need to do to fix those problems or how to diagnose them. Let's just say that calling your Dad every day for a week to talk for an hour about cars and how narrowing down the issue really starts to stick over time. 

So with the issues I had before fixed (and the help of someone from the forum showing me the ropes and talking me through everything), I went about my business and 2023 started. Fast forward a week and a half and the PCV valve is having issues. I was getting codes for two bat cats (catalyst) which was a code we had gotten before but it ended up not being the issue because the check engine light kept going on and off over the course of a day. Which narrowed it down to a stuck valve. 

Knowing that it was the PCV valve I decided to hang out in the mountains to recover from being sick and then contacted my new friend in Vegas and got his help to check things over. The replacement of the PCV valve was quite easy and now that we knew how the doghouse came off the van we were able to quickly disassemble the inside and replace the valve. In this time we checked the hose that connects to it for Cracks and it was crack-free (and of course, I had a replacement from the dealership, and guess what, it was the wrong one. Go figure) and nice and tight so we put the insulation back on it, taped it, and replaced the valve. With the valve changed we set to check that the throttle body was nice and tight and checked the sensor for the MAF. 

In honesty there's a lot I don't know and I'm grateful that there are people that are on the forum that know how to work on cars and are kind enough to open up their driveways to help me and take the time out of their day to show me what I need to do and teach me so I know how to do things by myself in the future. I may be a slow learner and I need a lot of patience but I always appreciate all the help I can get from those that are willing to be kind and give out a helping hand. 

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