What will you do with your time
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2023-02-02 12:01 by Sarah Denninger
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What will you do with your time

I think one of my favorite parts about this whole journey has been getting to experience true loneliness but also freedom. They say that everything comes at a cost and this particular lifestyle does. You always see photos or videos of people living this kind of lifestyle with a partner and personally, I'm not sure if I'm all about that. Especially not in the setup I have currently. Gimli is good for one person and maybe two medium or small pets at best. Anything more than that would ask for trouble and make things difficult. 

The biggest challenge in Gmili would be the amount of stuff that has to fit in the van if you do have two people. With Lylah needing her Crate to sleep in, food storage container, and vitamins/ snacks she already takes up 1/4th of space. Then there is all my stuff which takes up 2/3 and after that, there are the kitchen supplies, food, and items for the van in case I break down in some way. It's all about how you use the space of course and there will be adjustments when I get back home but for the most part, it makes having a second person in the van impossible. 


When J Came to visit I felt fine having him with me for those two weeks of adventuring but after that, I felt like I would have lost my mind. Sure it's nice to have the company with you all the time but in the end, it's really quite frustrating in the space I have at the moment and I just do not want to give up all this work I've put in for an upgrade that Im not ready to do. So in turn being lonely from time to time is fine. Sure you wonder why your doing this or try to remember the reason for making this change but the payout every day is so worth it. I get to explore the great outdoors and I get to enjoy what nature has given us. I'm happy being out in the wild with Lylah and I love getting to watch the stars as they dance in the sky as everyone sleeps. I even get to know what true silence is and of course every now and then I make a friend along my journey. Friends that I hope will last lifetimes. Memories that will forever be burned into my brain. 

Moments like what I am experiencing will not last forever and to be able to say that I've seen so many wonderful places is truly worth it. Every day is an adventure and as Gandalf says in Lord of the Rings...

..All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us..

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