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2018-05-16 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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There’s something great about being with personal trainers. For me I never thought that I would need one and I certainly never thought that it would make much of a difference. Yet I was proven wrong the other day. For me it was a crunch day and what that means is that I had to do both Running and go to 9Round. Reason being is that I missed the day I was supposed to go to the gym because of a terrible migraine that kept me in bed till four in the afternoon. I was really upset about that but I decided to go ahead and do both the next day. My fitness/health is always my priority. 

So I got up early in the morning, had some coffee and watched a little bit of the new Netflix Series "Lost In Space" which is pretty decent if you’re looking for something to watch. Around 9:30 A.m I got dressed, grabbed my water, and went to the gym. Once I got inside I saw that they were pretty busy. There were about five people all working out and one of them was just finishing up when I came in. So I got my wraps together, they took my gloves and I waited for the green light to come on so I could start the first round. 

Right from the get go I knew that It was going to be a tough day and the reason being is that I could feel the burn after 30 seconds of jumping rope. That was only round 1. As I moved through the rounds the trainers kept pushing me to keep going and were encouraging me the whole way. Of course it wasn’t just me, it was also the other people in the gym and they did a good job of making sure that we didn’t stop, that we kept going until we were done with all 9 Rounds. Right around round 8 I really needed that extra push and the trainer definitely gave it to me. She started chanting "I can do it, you can do it" and came over to help me out. She held the bag for me while I did some knee kicks and shin kicks. 

Keeping in mind that I was almost done I kept going. At Round 9 we had to do these wall sits and lean left and right with ten pound weights. That was for a whole 2 minutes. Towards the end the trainer was counting down and holding my feet since my legs were shaking. It was so difficult and I was sure that I was going to have to call it but she kept me there and told me to keep going. Once the buzzer went off I immediately went to my water and chugged it. The trainer congratulated me and told me that I was doing awesome and that I always give it my all. 

Sometimes you need that little bit of encouragement to keep going. The workout is hard but the way it helps your body and strengthens your muscles is worth every bit of the workout. Having a personal trainer is so nice and I really enjoy the personal touches they give. They help, remember your name, and know how to push your buttons just right. I’m so excited to see how this place shapes me and helps my fitness. 



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