Here it is, right on time.
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2018-05-26 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Here it is, right on time.

Yesterday seemed to start out like a good day. I got up and went to 9Round and the workout was pretty satisfying for a Friday and I had almost decided to not go at all due to the fact that I was pretty tired and I was unsure on how much I wanted to push myself. Either way my love for the workout won and I went and did it. When I got back my car got put up and looked at since it is having some problems right now. From there I decided to start a load of laundry and then run some errands. I went to the bank and then the post office to drop off some packages and get the checks in the bank. From there we stopped at Winn-Dixie and got some food for the weekend. 

Once I was home things went pretty smoothly throughout the day. By the time it was 7 p.m things were smooth and I thought that it would end like that. Then everything decided to crash. I was sitting at the computer when I heard this popping noise. At first I thought it was nothing but then I decided to check and make sure everything was ok. It had come from my closet and being who I am I was cautious on the approach and opening it. Once I was there I slid it open and saw nothing wrong. Nothing had fallen and there weren’t any strangers hiding in it so I closed the door and went back to my desk. 

Ten minutes into watching this show I heard the entire inside of my closet collapse. The doors went crazy and there was this loud noise. Getting up and tried to slide open one of the doors. It was stuck. So I went to the other one and it slid open. The top portion of my closet fell. Everything was everywhere and my clothes were stuck. 

Quickly I got everything out of the closet and moved my clothes to the inside of my bathroom where they are currently hanging. Everything else is on my floor. Dad gets home and has a huge thing of desserts. WE go to the kitchen and I received more news. Family news I can’t really share at this time and I don’t wish to but let’s just put it on a scale of 1-10. One that scale it is the highest it can get. 10. So I binge ate last night. Had a drink and really wished that things didn’t always come in waves. One thing after another thrown my way. 

Here’s to the start of Summer. 


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