Next one is Wednesday
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2019-02-24 12:32 by Sarah Denninger
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Next one is Wednesday

Almost a year ago I got my half sleeve done. It took six sessions over the span of two months to get 95% of it done. The only piece that was left behind was the wrist and back of the hand. The reason for that was because I wasn't sure what I wanted for the wrist area. It was going to be apart of the safe cracker pinball machine and my artist wanted to just put bags of money there. To me that seemed to be to plain so I decided to hold off on it and go see what other options there were. Not only that but things started to get a little crazy with my family so it seemed that a much needed break was in store for me. 


Sadly that break has continued into 2019 and now we are a few months in with a 95% completed tattoo. The good news is that I finally found out what I wanted to do for the last portion of the tattoo and I honestly am so ready and pumped to finish it. I also know that I will be consuming a large amount of alcohol after I finish this session. The wishbone and back of the hand suck when it comes to levels of pain. They are two very sensitive areas and I am so not looking forward to it. 


I hope though that it goes over well because I really would love to have this half sleeve completely finished. By Wednesday evening I will be in pain but done with my mission. I hope you guys are ready to see the completed version of this glorious half sleeve that so many people compliment me on. I am so proud of this piece and I am so happy that I decided to go for it. It was a piece that I wasn't sure about and I was a little bit nervous to do but in the end it became a beautiful piece of work. 


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