It is complete
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2019-03-02 09:19 by Sarah Denninger
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It is complete

On Wednesday I finally got my half sleeve complete. For months I have been staring at the empty space wondering what to get. I went back and forth trying to decide what to do and once I Had it figured out I knew that I was ready to go in and sit in that chair. Unfortunately though I couldn't go back in right away. My family started to have some issues and when they started up I got caught in this whirlwind of sadness, tragedy, and events that I wish didn't happen. I knew they were coming but I still wish they could have been avoided. The sadness mixed with dating someone made things a little difficult to find time. 

After the switch to a new job I finally found the time to go in and do this tattoo. I knew that it wouldn't take long and I knew that it wouldn't be difficult to do it. I just wanted to go and finish this masterpiece that is on my arm. I wanted to feel completed and I wanted to world to see it in its glory. Not only is a representation of my childhood but it also is a representation of the pinball world. 


This is something that has always been apart of my childhood and from the moment that I was introduced to them I fell in love with them. They really are a dying art and that makes me sad to think about. I think that pinball machines are something to be cherished and I think its amazing that I got so lucky to be able to play them my entire life and yet also sad that others didn't get that opportunity. 

Life is truly amazing and I am so happy to be able to represent these amazing machines on my arm. I feel complete and I am happy with how it feels to finally be able to say that the piece is whole. This is one journey that I am glad I took. 

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