Didn't Quit
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2019-11-23 13:10 by Sarah Denninger
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Didn't Quit

One of my favorite things about traveling and being a photographer is the different kinds of photography I can get in a single trip. I can get portrait, animal, landscape, star photography, and so much more. I can play with different things around me and take any shot to help me remember that specific trip. My most recent trip allowed me to do photography with my boyfriend and not only was I able to get pictures myself but my boyfriend was able to get pictures as well and I saw a whole other side to trip as a whole. 

For me being a photographer has opened up so many different things. It has forced me to see the little moments in people. That look in someone's eye, the small smile someone makes, the excitement when you finish a project you have been working on, that face when someone sees something extraordinary. All of those moments are so precious and you can gather that through a single shot. It's nuts how that is even possible and we are still growing our technology. We are changing our cameras on all aspects all the time and it truly is amazing what people can do nowadays with the technology we have. 

I love being able to photograph moments so that not only can I remember them but so can the people around me. They can see those moments and relive them when they at what the photo is portraying. I'm honestly so happy that I still do photography and that I have been doing it as much as I have. I didn't put it aside when I got bored, I didn't think it was too hard when I didn't get the exact picture I wanted and quit, I didn't get discouraged when I didn't get a job doing photography. I just kept it up and because of that, I feel like I have changed my style quite a lot. I have learned from my mistakes and I have learned so many new and exciting things about the world of photography. 

Now I feel like I can say that I am in a good spot because of that. I don't make money doing photography but I use it to represent where I have been and I think that goes just as far. 

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