What a whirlwind
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2019-12-06 13:29 by Sarah Denninger
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What a whirlwind

To be honest 2019 has not been what I expected it to be. I have gone through quite a lot this year and a lot of changes happened. Most of them have been for the better and for that I am always grateful. I went from working at a chocolate/fudge/ice cream shop to working at a climbing gym. I left someone that I was dating for nine and a half months because of the toxicity of our relationship and jumped into a different relationship entirely which has been amazing and has made me feel so good as a person. I bought a truck which I have never done before. To date, that is the biggest purchase I have made as an adult and I am pretty proud of myself for taking that step forward in my life. I've made a lot of quick trips with friends and because of that, I have grown as a person, traveler, and photographer. I've made friendships that I hope lasts for many years to come. I've even expanded my fitness and social circles and because of that, I feel like my personality has grown. Normally I am a loner but because of this job and climbing I Have expanding myself and I have learned a lot about myself as a person. 


Of course, I also did things that I haven't done before this year and I have been grateful for the opportunity to do them. There are so many things that I never imagined doing and so many places I got to visit and for that, I am eternally grateful. I'm not sure what the year 2020 will bring me but I am hopeful for what is to come my way. 

I hope for more trips, lots of fun times with friends and of course, some snuggles and adventures with the one I love. 

But we still have the rest of the month to experience to end 2019. 

Heres to drinking laughs, and lots of memories to look back on. 

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