Party for the new year
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2020-01-01 17:15 by Sarah Denninger
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Party for the new year

Yesterday was the last New Year in Destin for me so of course we went out. It started in the early afternoon and by four my father adn I were sitting in Mcguires having some espresso Martinis. By five I was back with some girlfriends and we were drinking while getting ready for the rest of the night. There were shots braids and of course gossip. For a little over an hour we got pretty trashed and once they finished braiding my hair and convincing me to have two more shots before I let I knew that the rest of the night was gonna be a little messy. I just hoped that I would be able to remember it at the end. 

After leaving my girlfriends I went back to my bf's place to drop off my bag and from there we went across the street to our friends place. That is were the pre game was. Of course I was already three pre games in and I knew that I should slow down while I was ahead so I pulled back, had some snack and socialized with everyone around. Most of the people who were there were people that we all knew from the gym. They all were there to get trashed and celebrate together and we did just that. We took pictures, had food, and drank all different kinds of alcohol . Really the party was pumpin and we were all in for quite the time. 

Once everyone was good and buzzed we went to the harbor walk and once we got there things got crazy. We started jumping from place to place, running around the bars, loosing people and then finding them later on, it literally was a crazy game of cat and mouse and luckily it was cold out so nobody got to hot when chasing one another.

Right at Midnight we had our good friend (Who I will call Rat as it is a nickname we use for him at work) give a speech and a toast. "Some ships are made of steel, some are made of wood, but the best ships are friendships" and we all screamed and toasted to the beginning of the new year. We even took a picture together and even though we lost a lot of people along this crazy ride we still managed to get most of them in the photo. In the end we made our way to the dance floor and rocked out till we were too tired to keep going. 

It really was a fun night and even though I was against doing all of this in the beginning im glad that I changed my mind and went anyway. It truly was a wonderful way to start a new chapter. 

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