Kick to the gut
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2020-01-06 13:50 by Sarah Denninger
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Kick to the gut

So far the new year has me in a whirlwind. Soon we will start packing things up in the house and honestly, I am unsure if I am ready, emotionally, to start doing it. Yet I also know that I can't have everything down here. There are so many fragile that I own that will go first. From there it will slowly be the bigger things until eventually, the house will be empty. Almost like a carcass. I'm still trying to figure out a game plan for myself and luckily my bf and I have come up with a skeleton of what that is. Am I happy how that conversation went down? Not exactly but, I am glad that the second round of this conversation is over. Some stress is gone. 

The main thing now is figuring out what trailer to buy and expenses. I'm not sure how long I will be in the area when my dad leaves but I do plan on staying a little bit longer for the sake of my job. If I could take the people, the job I work at, and all my belongings and just teleport it all to another location I would. Unfortunately, life has a way of making that impossible. 

It's funny how life works. I hate the Destin area but this job I am at currently has me wondering if I really do hate the area altogether. For years I have dreaded living here and all I have wanted to do is go home. Not leave my house and just get immersed in the life that I have within the walls of my childhood home. As I got older I still dreaded the area but I started branching out and meeting people that I genuinely liked. Now I am at a job that really has opened me up to more friends and they really feel like family. 

I know that once I take off on my journey I will cry. I will cry as I drive away for my friends, for my childhood home, and for my friends. So may emotions in one body, it's nuts. Sometimes I wish I could turn it off. Make it stop but I know that this is life. If I grew up as a military kid I probably wouldn't think twice about it. I would see it as another normal transition. Yet, I didn't. I'm one of the few locals in this area. 

Man, life really knows how to kick you in the gut. 

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