Its that time of year
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2020-01-10 13:05 by Sarah Denninger
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Its that time of year

There's something going around right now. What I mean by that is some kind of virus. Yesterday when I woke up I knew immediately that something was wrong. My throat felt tight and it was difficult to breathe let alone swallow. At first I thought that I might be dehydrated from the night before since I had quite a bit to drink but as my morning routine went on I noticed that the tightness in my throat kept getting worse. By the time I was opening our gym up I felt pretty gross. I felt like I had a hangover because of how sluggish I felt but at the same time, I didn't have the headache or the lag that comes with my hangovers. My throat was really the main issue. 

When I got done with my shift I went to my bf's place and had some tea to try and make the tightness go away. Water wasn't doing anything and I honestly felt nauseous after before I left work. So I figured I might as well stop by his place and calm myself down some before I head home. When he got back we hung out for a bit before I made the journey home. 

Last night was bad. I was laying in bed ready to down some Nyquil but I wanted to wait until a reasonable time came so that I wasn't oversleeping and messing up my schedule. SO I did the best I could and waited as long as I could. Eventually, I gave in and took the meds. Let me just say that It definitely helped to kick it down some but the stress I felt overnight was extremely high. When I woke up this morning my throat felt a little better but still dry and I had a massive headache. After some coffee, I felt able to move around a bit. 

Whatever this virus is, it sucks. I haven't felt this way in a long time and I can't remember the last time my throat felt this tight. It's frustrating and honestly, I wish it would go away. I did have plans to go into work later and get a couple more hours under my belt but that is so not happening when I feel this way. Hopefully, it will go away soon and I can get back into my usual routine. 

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