Three dogs, one week
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2020-01-14 11:43 by Sarah Denninger
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Three dogs, one week

This coming week I will be watching three dogs. One of them is a pair of two chihuahuas. The other one is a St.Bernard. The little yappers I'm not as excited about because I'm not a huge fan of those kinds of dogs. Usually, they tend to get on my nerves because they yap and nip a lot. No matter how many times you introduce yourself to them they still yap at you and try to make a statement. It's frustrating and honestly not my favorite thing in the world. But in terms of these little guys, they seem to be ok. The two dogs are Sophie and Tessa. Sophie is about three and she really wants to just be loved. She barks at first but once you get to her level and let her sniff you she will love you on instantly. Tessa is older so she really just wants to be alone. She doesn't like to be disturbed and just wants to do what she wants. I was told to let her do what she needs to and not really interfere otherwise. 

Those two are pretty simple. I just drop by for thirty minutes at a time and give them their food and water, let them out and go from there. Easy money, and easy instructions. 

The saint bernard, however, is a little bit more complicated. His name is Moose and he is about five years old. The couple that wants me to watch him is super sweet but also super worried fur parents. When I initially met Moose he barked once and immediately took to me petting him. The gentlemen were surprised by this and let me walk him to the doggy park. Moose has hip dysplasia and also has a ton of issues with the humidity which means....a lot of meds. Honestly, it's one of those situations where it makes me wonder why somebody would have a big like that in Florida. Moose gets itchy and red in his eyes and on his belly when it gets really humid so they have to give him Benadryl to help with his allergies. On top of that, the hip dysplasia is pretty bad. I can see it when he walks. He has a hard time moving around and I can see that it hurts him to move. Honestly, my heart goes out to Moose. He's only five and he is already in so much pain. 

I'm looking forward to Moose more than the other two but I am thankful to watch these pups. It gives me something to look forward to during the day and I get to actually take pictures of them. To me, that is so fun and I am so excited to get to see their personalities come alive. I find animals to be more fun than people. This week is going to be hectic but so worth it 


These are two pieces I have had for some time and would appreciate saying goodbye to them. If you are interested please purchase them today and help me out. I really would appreciate any purchase as this year is looking to be an adventure in itself. I have so many exciting things coming and would appreciate the extra help. Thank you, guys. 

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