Moose the St.Bernard
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2020-01-15 13:41 by Sarah Denninger
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Moose the St.Bernard

This is Moose. The Saint.Bernard that I told you about in my recent post. He is such a sweetheart and all he wants is to be loved. He is a little particular about people and other animals so when it comes to meeting others you have to be cautious about how he reacts. Last night Moose got to meet my boyfriend and right when he walked in Moose got up and started barking. I think he was trying to intimidate him, maybe even scare him. After all, Moose is a big dog and could easily have taken my boyfriend down if he wanted. Moose came right up to him barking and looked him in the eye and barked. After a minute he sniffed him and started to investigate every inch of him. I told my bf to keep his hands in his pockets and just stand there. 


The biggest thing I have learned about dogs when they meet new people is to just let them choose when to come to you and do not do anything to scare them. So keep your hands away, say their name in a gentle voice, and just stand your ground. Of course, if the dog is showing teeth and is going to bite you then you might wanna run for it but in this case, Moose was just barking and sniffing. Plus I was right there with Moose so if something happened I could step in. Moose had already accepted me and really wanted all the attention from me. So I just had to make sure that the meeting went well. 


Once, moose was done sniffing and intimidating my boyfriend He decided that he was ok and went back to his usual spot to lay down. My boyfriend was a little rattled by this but when he was approved he calmed down and we settled in for the night. Moose is the first Saint Bernard that I have watched and met. He really was scary when I first met him but once he liked me everything was fine. He looks like a bear but really he is a sweetheart that just wants to be loved. I look forward to the next week with Moose and I can't wait to get more photos of this giant sweetheart. I'm sure that his owners will love all the pictures I give them and I hope that they will hire me again to look after him when needed. He really is such a treat.  

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