Bumpy flight and masks
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2020-03-06 11:19 by Sarah Denninger
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Bumpy flight and masks

My first flight to Colombia is complete. I am now waiting for my friend to get to the food court in the Atlanta Georgia international airport. I honestly don't know how I feel about the airport because it is so big but the good news is that we don't have to go far to get to our next flight. I just hope things go smoothly and we land there in one piece. This flight to get to Atlanta was a little rough at the end and I got a little motion sick from the turbulence. It was definitely up there in the "Not fun flights". There was a small moment where I was unsure if we would crash or just land but I can say that when we did land in one piece I was praising whatever higher power is up there. 

Once I landed and got off the plane I took a look around and even though I shouldn't be surprised I was a tiny bit thrown off by all the masks that people were wearing. Im used to seeing a few people wear them but there was an alarming amount. I know that we have the coronavirus craziness happening right now and that can be scary depending on your health but at the same time, no little mask is gonna stop you from making a single mistake. If it's your time, its your time to take on the challenge and hopefully survive. 

That may sound harsh or old fashioned but, it is the truth. Now I am surrounded by food and I am going to go grab a bite before I get on this long flight to a country I have never been to before. I'm nervous, I'm excited, sleep deprived, and hungry. Stay tuned for more updates as we make our way to Colombia and for our journey through this country.

So may wonderful things to come.  

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