Here we are, in Colombia
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2020-03-07 09:52 by Sarah Denninger
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Here we are, in Colombia

Yesterday was such a long day. It was one of those events where I was up at 8 a.m on Thursday. I went to walk my friend's dog, went to work at the gym, hangout with my boyfriend, climb, go home, run, and then nap for only two and a half hours to get back up and go to Crestview. The journey to get there was long and once we landed in Colombia we got a taxi and I quickly realized that I would have been panicking if I didn't have anybody with me. I literally was struck by the culture and just wasn't sure what to do. Without my friend there, I'm not sure how things would have gone. 

Getting the taxi Jayde and I both were caught off guard by the fact that the taxi driver didn't speak any English. Jayde somehow managed to ask the driver to turn on the music and we just went ahead and danced in the back seat as we went through the city. The city was crazy. Like nothing, I had ever seen before. People were everywhere, drivers were fighting for getting on the road, People were shouting, screaming, and just peeing on the side of the road. Everything was chaos but almost an organized chaos of sorts.

Getting to the hostel I realized how different it was compared to my normal travel stays. In the other countries I visited I mostly did campervans so that way I could come and go as I please. With a hostel you can do the same thing but you're with strangers and you all sleep in the same quarters. It was very different from what I was used to but not in a bad way. The only stress is that the lockers didn't come with locks, you had to bring your own lock which I was not aware of. That first hour stressed me out when it came to my belongings. I wasn't sure how I felt with leaving my gear behind. I was worried since I didn't bring a lot but in the end, nothing got stolen. 

I will say that there is a big culture shock for sure but I think once I get a few days in I will settle and feel more comfortable about the situation. So far everything is good, I have slept a full eight hours and I am ready to rock this day.  


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