Virus and being denied
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2020-03-12 09:54 by Sarah Denninger
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Virus and being denied

For the past few days the WiFi connection has been spotty. So that is why you haven't seen any posts recently and for that I apologize. Our last few hostels had connection but it didn't work on the tablets which made things a little difficult on my end. We aren't really sure why that is but we just rolled with it the best we could. 

Right now we are on day 6 in Colombia and soon we will be flying back to the United states. To be honest I'm hoping things go smoothly and we can get home. There are people here from other countries who can't go back because of the coronovirus and it is causing some panic for some people. I honestly think that it's dumb and that people shouldn't be freaking out this badly. I know there are deaths but people always die and most of them have been the elderly or people with immune issues. 

Right now it looks like we might be quarantined when we get back to the United states and I really hope that doesn't happen. I just want to go home and even if it's late I can hear my bed calling. We have been having fun in Colombia but, at the end of the day I have to return back to work and make money, move my stuff and so on. 

It's crazy that all this is happening.  I hope for everyone's sake that this stops and that people will be able to get home. But stay tuned for more stories this evening. I have so much to update you on. 

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