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2020-03-13 22:31 by Sarah Denninger
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We just got done with the Pablo tour. To be honest I wasn't too sure about the tour but I knew that my friends wanted to do it so in the end I just decided to go ahead and do that tour no matter what. So we got up early in the morning, went outside and met the tour guide. Now supposedly the tour was going to be done by Pablo's body guard and I was a little intrigued by that. So once we got outside we were greeted by our guide and quickly I realized that the body guard was not the tour guide. It was somebody else that spoke pretty ok English. 

After getting in the van we got greeted with what we were to expect on the tour and quickly I saw that we were not going to do everything that we expected. Our tour guide started with the history of Pablo and what that meant for Colombia. He told us about some of the history that lead to Pablo's death and even told us that we could be the judge of Pablo and what we think as we go through the tour. 

Once we got to our first destination we got out of the van and he ran us through the important people that Pablo killed. He told us about Police officers, government officials, judges, even someone who was running for president. The destination was a memorial and it was only put up in the past year or so and this was done to give people the opportunity to learn more about the history of Pablo and to be able to pay respects to those who lives were lost from what Pablo had done. As we walked around the memorial we saw that there was a section that was just dedicated to the history of the bombings that he did. The tour guide asked us to count how the number of bombings and I swear that there were over one hundred of them on the memorial wall. 

After we got done with the memorial we went to Pablo's prison. What was interesting is that he built it himself. I guess that you get that freedom when you are the seven richest man in the world back in the 80's and also one of the most feared men around. He built his prison with a helicopter pad, a suit he lived in with stacks of money by his bed, he had private parties in the prison and was just all out for a year and a half while he was locked away. Of course he was never really "locked away" but it was close enough to give people some "peace". After a year and a half of volunteering himself up he got paranoid about loosing money and going broke so he broke out and made his big escape on the mountain side. During the tour we got to walk part of the escape and to be honest it was quite beautiful but daunting. I couldn't imagine going through that when you are running for your life. 

From the prison we went to his gravesite an there the tour lost a little interest for me. He talked about everybody that was burred in the area and the history behind them. Once the graves were shown to us we got to meet the bodyguard and he talked to us about how he was an addict to cocaine and how he changed his life around once Pablo was dead. He didn't like all the innocent killing and was drawn in because of his generosity to the people. He gave his bodyguard a house for him and his family. He gave them a source of income and turned their lives around. 

He told us that we shouldn't do drugs, to stay away from prostitutions and to  not get involved in guys who sell drugs or promise money, houses, or expensive things. Stay away from it and just remember that money doesn't buy happiness. It was honestly quite interesting at the end and it was one of those things that I was happy to do but I also could have done without it. 

So If you want to learn about Pablo and your ever in Colombia definitely check it out. Its worth the lesson. 

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