Hostel thoughts
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2020-03-18 13:54 by Sarah Denninger
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Hostel thoughts

A new experience for me was staying in hostels. I had never stayed in one before so for me it was quite the shock the first night. We were in a hostel in Bogota Colombia and even though the hostel was nice I was on edge about where to leave my stuff. They did provide lockers but no locks for the lockers themselves so that put me on edge and made me a little uncertain about what to do. For about twenty minutes I went back and forth. Do I put it in the locker, do I put the stuff in the bunks, what do I do? 

Finally I made a decision to put the stuff I didn't want to carry in my bunk and closed the curtain. When we came back from our dinner I half expecting things to be missing but to my surprise and relief everything was still where I left it. After that first day things became easier and I relaxed about the situation. I was excited to see the other hostels and what they would hold for us. After staying in the one in Bogota we moved on to one in Salento that had amazing views. You could see the mountains everywhere and the situation was pretty much the same. They had lockers underneath the beds and you just choose one and took off for the day. 

It was a nice setup and was definitely a favorite of mine. They had hammocks, a TV room, fresh air, breakfast, nice showers where you had privacy, and the area it was in was calm. It didn't have a lot of people around let alone tourists so it was nice to have that change of pace. I could even walk around without feeling like I might get harassed by others. 

The last hostel we stayed in was in Medellin and that hostel in particular was not my favorite. Mostly because the position it was in was unsafe for me to run. I was not happy about that and the timing to stay in it was not good for someone like me. Even when I travel I do like to keep up with my running routines and it was slightly annoying to have to deal with that and find an indoor gym to go to. Of course, in the end it worked out but it was frustrating for me at that time. 

Overall I would say that the hostel in Salento was a favorite and I really enjoyed being there. I hope that someday I might go back and if I don't get the chance to go back then I would say that it was definitely worth the small trip over there. 

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