Cocora Valley
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2020-03-20 13:43 by Sarah Denninger
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Cocora Valley

We did this hike while we were in Colombia. It was just outside of Salento and it was known to be a beautiful but very steep hike. Knowing this was something I might really enjoy I decided to tag along and go for the ride. It was on my list of things to do and we had made friends with two other people who were also excited about this journey. So we came together as a group and went on this hike. It was beautiful. The first part was up through the valley and everywhere we looked we saw animals, palm trees and so much green. The hike itself was considered to be pretty difficult to do but I honestly thought that the hike was pretty moderate. It had a lot of places to pull off and look at the view and while you were doing that you could take a break from the steep incline. 

While we were hiking through the valley we made friends with a couple of horses and a dog that followed us for about 1/4th of the hike. It was actually pretty exciting to have a company and to see how they interact with each other. The dog clearly knew the horses well and they played together while we watched with smiles on our faces. That was probably one of the parts where we spent the most time hanging out. It was just so enticing to see how everything interacts with one another. 


After our interaction with our fur friends, we kept going on. The hike was really well laid out and you could tell where you were supposed to go without any trouble. The path was nice and clear of any and all debris and people were going at all kinds of paces. Running, walking, speed walking, etc. It was so cool to see so many people come together and enjoy what was around them. Nature at it's finest. 

The rest of the hike was like a fairy tale and it was amazing to see how the land changed as we kept going. We got to a section that was near the highest point and we all sat down and just stared in awe. It was beautiful. I couldn't believe that I was there and experiencing this moment. It was one of those moments you just couldn't fully pull away from because of how beautiful it really was. It drew you in and never let you go. 


The whole hike ended up being 7 miles long and took us about 6 hours to do it all. It took that long because we stopped a lot. We took photos, I took drone shots, did stuff with the Go Pro and just enjoyed the moment with nature. It was amazing to see and it was amazing to experience the changes that occurred as we continued the hike. Part gallery, part jungle, and part forest. It was everything you want in one hike.

If you ever go to Colombia make a stop in Salento and do the Cocora Hike. It's challenging but it is so worth it. 


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