Spice transition
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2020-05-08 14:22 by Sarah Denninger
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Spice transition

This whole transition has been interesting not only for me but also for Spice. So far she has learned that my bf and I's room is the safe place to be and the rest is unknown territory. Basically our half of the apartment is known along with the kitchen but the rest has to be walked on eggshells. She has also decided that my bf's roommate is an oddity and that she has to stand up to him at all times. We will be chilling in the room when we hear a series of hissing followed by some growling and sometimes we go save him but in the end, they both have to get used to each other. Saving our roommate each time delays that. 

Were a little over a week of living here and its been quite a lot for her to take in. I think she still has this idea that we will be leaving soon and that this is only temporary. Little does she know that we have to move again in about a month and a half. That will really throw her for a loop. 

But the good side of this is that she likes my bf and she has decided that the window near the lava lamp is her favorite place to be. After all, it is the area where she can sunbathe. So just as a little pick me up in these times I want to post these cute photos of her for you guys to look at and say Awwww at. 

She just is so damn cute I Can never get enough of her. Life without her would be so boring. 

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