Unreliable People
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2017-09-03 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Unreliable People

Over the past year I have run into some people that could have dramatically changed my life. From one promising me to get me knew clients when it came to photography to people promising to make purchases from me, it all comes to one conclusion. A lot of them say big things and never actually follow through. I can’t begin to tell you how many people make these empty promises. These days I mostly choose to acknowledge what they are saying but never get my hopes up. For me it’s all ended up the same way so I never expect anything really change. Because of all this I have learned to try and make things work out for myself. Originally that’s why I decided to take this blog in a more serious manner. For me this was a start to putting myself out there. 

I never expected everything to be working out the way it has and I would say that I am very lucky when it comes to the number of outcomes that could have happened. I could have been an intern for artists. I could have been a photographer out there every day, shooting photos that people ask for. I could be someone who went to college and got her big break. Either way all of those were things that Could have happened. For whatever reason, whether it’s someone speaking empty promises or the timing not being right, I am here now. I’m here doing what I need to do to change my life for the better. 

I think others that I know are lucky because they have people who mean what they say. They have met people who keep their word. Maybe I’m just unlucky in that aspect and I honestly wish I wasn’t unlucky but, if people didn’t let me down as often as they have then I wouldn’t have pushed to be here. 

So in a strange way, I want to say thank you to those who never keep their word. Sure you guys suck big fat donkey b***s but it also showed me what the world is like out there and what to expect. So thank you for making me realize how unreliable people can be at certain times. Without this lesson I sure as hell wouldn’t have learned anything and would have been working two or three jobs, slaving myself away to others. 

Have unreliable people taught you anything in your life? 


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