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2017-09-06 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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We are in the homestretch of a few trips that I will be taking. I think it’s about time that I announced where we are going exactly. So here it goes. We are going to CANADA! Yes good ol Canada. I know that it seems kind of odd to be going to a country such as Canada but truth be told I have heard some amazing things about Canada and I want to see it for myself. A lot of the things I Have heard make it sound like a place of pure beauty. For me though I think its just the idea of going to a new place that is literally as North as you can get in the this part of the world. I mean we live in the south and it’s about a sixteen hour drive just to get to the bridge that’s near there. We don’t know what the customs will be like but we are sure we will be in line for hours. Once we get past that though we are heading to Niagara Falls to see the Canadian side. If you guys remember I made a trip out to Niagara on my nineteenth birthday and I couldn’t be more excited to go back. 

Of course were going to a couple other places in Canada as well. Were going to visit Toronto and a couple of recommended places there. From there were going to go a state park and do a couple of hiking trails. Of course were going to write down all the things we did, prices and what we do and don’t recommend from our trip for you all. 

As I put in my post called "Are You Ready?" I am going to be making two YouTube videos for you guys. One is going to be full of information on how much everything cost for us and the other is going to be like a music video special on all the places we saw and what we did while we were there. I am really excited for you guys and I am excited for this new chapter. 

I hope you guys are ready for lots of posts, lots of information, and some new videos on my channel. For now you guys should go check out what I have on my channel and like, subscribe, and comment because it is finally going to be making changes in the direction that I want it to go. 

I cant wait! 


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