Freezer Fear
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2017-09-07 07:35 by Sarah Denninger
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Freezer Fear

Work. Oh good ol fashioned work. So as you may or may not have read in some of my other posts, I work in an ice cream shop. Its called Kilwins and its awesome. I love working there and I have fun. Yet it seems that after running eight miles after being on my feet all day made my legs really tight and sore. Now of course I went through the day in the best way possible. I had a little bit of fun but really I was focused on ending the shift and going home. My legs were killing me and I felt like I really needed to sit or just lay down on a bed. Of course I had to suck it up and do my best. I was slow but I managed. 

Somewhere in the middle of my shift I had to change out an ice cream tub. Normally I grab a chair to hold open up the freezer door. I have a fear of getting locked in a freezer and nobody finding me before I freeze to death. So of course I take precautions when it comes to me having to stand in freezers. This one is no exception. I go in the back, look on the freezer door's map to see where the tub is, open the door and keep my foot dangling in the air to catch the door. I realize that I cant reach and keep the door open. What do I do? 

For some odd reason I thought that I would take two seconds to grab the tub and go before the door shut. I dont know where I thought that but I did and because of that I let go of the door. When I did, two things happened. One was that the tub was stuck to the tub below it so I had to struggle to get it to come off. Second, because of the tub getting stuck, the door shut on me. Now I thought that it was going to be ok and pushed on the door annnnndddd.......

It was Stuck. 

Yea, It was stuck for a solid minute and I pushed on it hard before It gave and opened. Luckily theres no lock on the freezer so the danger was low and yet I thought I was gonna die. Now I usually dont freak out but, I was not feeling good and being tired my mind went into quick overdrive. 

What's something you fear? 

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