The word no means yes to others
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2017-09-10 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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The word no means yes to others

I don’t think people understand the word No. To most it seems to be a word that just doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. All they hear for every response is yes, yes and more yes. You say maybe, they think yes. You say no they say yes. You say I’m not sure, well that means yes. Nothing gets through to them and you just wonder what they think when you talk to them. For most it’s a hope that you don’t think they are annoying and even though you may have plans that day or you just want some alone time, they still think you said yes without actually saying the word. 

I will admit that sometimes I am this person. no matter what the response is I sometimes take it as a yes. I like to make myself think that the person is going with me and will take that time to get ready for whatever it is that we had "planned". Then of course there is the actual date of what you planned. When the truth becomes real. They then will tell you they aren’t going and you suddenly are having a hard time dealing with that word. No. 

There are plenty of times when I have been that person that won’t take no for an answer but as I have learned over the years, no means no. There is no way around the word and quite honestly if someone tells you they can’t do something or that they have plans then just let it go. Maybe some other time they will go with you or they will tell you that they are interested in whatever event you invite them to. If someone tells you no then you have to take that into consideration and respect what they say. 

The way we communicate is important to remember and take into consideration. Just because you said yes to something doesn’t mean that your friend or family will say yes. Respect what people say and what they decide. 

Sometimes No really does mean no. 


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