Doctor/Immune system
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2017-09-15 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Doctor/Immune system

This story really hit something in me and I feel like I need to tell you this story so you can understand the one that posts tomorrow. So here it goes. 

I was at my part time job and I was working in the fudge section of the store. Basically my job is to restock, serve free samples of home-made fudge, and get chocolates from out of the chocolate case. With this job also came the responsibility of checking on the tables outside and straighten up as well as picking up trash people leave behind. After all representation is everything. So I was minding my own business and was working on the chocolates case. Our manager and one of my friends were giving her usual uplifting speech with a couple reminders on how to do our job. She gives almost the same speech every time but she also tries to be kind about it. For me its too repetitive but I respect her for doing it. 

IN a way it works for everyone else, they are all more used to it then I am and all my attention is focused on my birthday trip at this point. I can’t really think about following the script or restocking the case constantly or how we need to move faster. None of that stuff is on my mind and I quite honestly was just tired of hearing the speech that day. Yet in respect I also listened the best I could and tried to keep moving. So I walk to the fudge and started cleaning the crumbs up when this family comes walking in like they own the place. Instantly the father in the group is loud and seems full of excitement. Almost like his inner kid just relit and he had to express this sudden change. 

So I offer him a free sample of fudge, they said they were there for ice cream, I smile and tell them that it’s all good and they smile and go the ice cream bar. Now thinking that I may be safe and that I continue on my task I turn and go back cleaning my station up. Turns out that the father was a doctor. How do I know? Well this little scenario happens. He gets a sample of ice cream, once he puts that sample in his mouth my coworker reminds him that there is a green dish to put used sample spoons in, he smiles and takes out his used sample spoon, he looks at us and decides to declare that he is a doctor. His family was the only one in the store and I quite honestly didn’t know why he had to be loud while declaring this fact. He just was so into saying "Well I am a doctor". I look around the room and none of my coworkers have stopped what they are doing. 

So my coworker who is serving the ice cream just smiles at him and they have a small conversation. He gets to the checkout and decides that he isn’t done yet. He looks at me and looks at my other coworker and while gesturing at us both goes "Can I give you guys some advice". Now for the rest of this story I will name my coworker Bunny. So I look at Bunny and she looks at me. We have a moment there and we both look at the declared doctor. Bunny shyly says "uh sure" and the doctor instantly lights up with enthusiasm. He points to the green dish and goes "So, I am a doctor and listen." he clears his throat "Do you know how you can build your immune system?". At that moment my brain put up red flags. I’m sure my face said more then I wanted to say but I just looked at Bunny. Bunny seemed to be processing this just like I was and our eyes met. She looked uncomfortable. Truth be told I wasn’t sure which was this was going to go but he was into this conversation. 

He takes a breath and goes "well do you?" and Bunny and I both answer at the same time "uhhhh" and the correct answer was that you expose yourself to germs. You get sick and your body fights the virus and then from there your body knows how to beat and defeat the virus. So that builds the tolerance. now I don’t think Bunny and I were going to say this explanation because we were both unsure if this guy was playing a joke on us or if he was serious. It was hard to know for sure so when he didn’t answer he became even more animated. The Doctor turned to the sample spoons and gives me the worst image. 

So he throws he head around the room while pointing at the used sample spoons and goes "So you take every used sample spoon and lick every single one to expose yourself to all the viruses. This way you can build up your immune system. Now I am a doctor so obviously I know". 


Without thinking I instantly made a face of pure disgust and thought about all the kids that came through that day with snot filled noses and hands covered in foreign substances. So I made a declaration "I will have to pass up on that offer" and from there everyone tried to make jokes but the image is still stuck in my head. In a gross way he is right but, I am NOT putting used sample spoons in my mouth. Hell to the no. 

So thanks "Doctor" for putting that gross image in my head. Im sure it will be there for years to come. 


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