Used Sample Spoons
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2017-09-16 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Used Sample Spoons

When you work in an ice cream shop you seem some pretty interesting things. Some of them are obvious and something you see almost every day. Other things really show unobservant people are. In our little store we have the ice cream line start on the left side of the store. We offer friendly customer service and we offer free samples in fudge and ice cream. There’s no limit to how many you can taste and really it is fine to taste them all just be aware that if you come back you will be remembered and given the best service but also more than likely talked about after you leave. Of course that’s almost every job when it comes to dealing with people. 

Yet on this particular day my face made all kinds of faces that I didn’t even know I had in me. So this girl that was from out of the country came in our store. She ordered some ice cream and my coworker was helping her out. This girl was the only one in the store and just for the sake of being creative I’m gonna call her Europe since I am sure that’s where she said she was from (in all seriousness I don’t remember exactly where from but I knew she was having a hard time with what we were saying). So Europe is having a hard time with translating what we are saying and in response is and only saying some words. Easy things like "Yes", "No", "Spoon", "Ice Cream" and a couple other words that we managed to translate. So of course were very nice, smiling and we give Europe her change. 

So I’m standing there watching her and I almost turned away and sweet Jesus do I wish I had. Europe starts walking towards the door, changes her mind and turns around. So she has this second made decision to grab a napkin from on top of the ice cream bar and turns and Grabs a USED sample spoon and puts it in her mouth! NO hesitation. 

My face instantly became panged with the imagination of all those children's germs earlier entering her body and eating her insides. I also had a strong reoccurring memory of the doctor coming in and tell us to lick all the used sample spoons. My coworker saw my face and what happened and instantly she’s trying to hold back a laugh. Once Europe leaves I look at my friend and coworker and instantly we bust out laughing. Oh my god I’m sure we laughed for twenty minutes. 

It was just so disgusting and we tried to be nice about it later and be all "maybe she can’t read?" and other little excuses we could think of to make it better but, in the end it still makes it disgusting. Ya'll please pay attention. Grabbing used sample spoons is so gross and we didn’t get time to say anything before she walked out. 

So just pay attention to your surroundings cause ya'll that’s just gross. 


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