Canada: Day 2/ Grandma Stop
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2017-09-21 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Canada: Day 2/ Grandma Stop

On most of our trips that have Michigan on route, we always end up stopping to see Grandma. This trip was no exception. We decided on Day 2 to stop by and take her out to lunch. Of course it was her choice on where we go and whatever she wanted she could have. So, we go the house, give hugs and kisses and get her ready for the trip outside and to the car. My Grandma has to help getting to the car, sometimes just holding hands with someone to stabilize her and make sure to catch her if she trips or has any problems. She can still walk but it is difficult sometimes for her. Once she's in the car and has her seat belt on we go to one of her new favorite stops. It's a bar and restaurant and has an option of sitting inside and outside. Last time we stopped by we went there and the food was excellent.

Once were in the restaurant we get told that the outside is probably not a good option since they are having a problem with flying friends. So we decide to stay inside. We get a booth and immediately we realize that Grandma might have a problem getting to her food since she has sunken down. She makes a short people joke and we laugh. At least she's in good spirits Throughout the dinner we chat and talk about all the different stuff were planning to do IN Canada and we end up talking about Hurricane Irma and the damage it caused. Just like with anyone else that asks us about where we are from and how we were affected we tell her that we weren't hit and everything is fine. She seems relieved and we learn some facts about her and Grandpa. It was nice to sit down and chat for a couple hours.

Once we were done with dinner we all made our way to the car and from there proceeded to go back to her home to talk and have a couple of Manhattans (which were Grandpa's favorite drink) ad discuss My Aunt and her condition as well as some Government things that are happening back home. We chat for a while and once we done drinking we depart from Grandma. In all honesty it felt weird leaving her there by herself. I know she's capable of getting around and being able to do most tasks but it still made me feel weird to see her watching us through the window as we left. Ever since Grandpa died I think she's just been lonely. I’m glad that we could give her some company and make her happy, even if it was for a little while.

If you have people you love that are getting old and a little on the slow side, make sure to let them know you love them and spend some time with them. It really does make a difference to them. 

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