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Running companion

For the first time in a long while I had to stop while I was out running. Normally I powerhouse through a run and do my best to keep going. The reason is that if I normally stop then my legs feel like lead and I end up not wanting to run anymore. So I usually do my runs with the intention of not stopping. I just keep going until I make it back to the house. Yet while I was in Atlanta I realized how different it was in R's neighborhood and I had to take a moment to walk up a very large hill. Getting down is obviously not the problem but getting back up was another story. 

That day was in the 70's, supposedly, and I hadn't ran in about four days. So while R was at work I decided to take Ataneq with me so that he can get tired out and really experience running with a dog that actually has stamina. The first mile was pretty decent and I could tell that Ataneq was into the run. Being a Husky he needs the exercise. What I didn't take into account was the heat and the fact that there was very little shade. So a few times I stopped not only for him but also for me. I was cramping a little and I really wasn't used to the hilly terrain. 

We managed to get the three miles done but I can say that it took us both a bit to calm down and really settle. I made sure Ataneq had enough water and I even used a cool rag to get his coat to cool down and from there I put him in a cool room and turned on the ran while I took a shower and cleaned up. By the time I got out he was relaxed and seemed pretty happy to have gotten some exercise. For me I just felt good to get outside and to run the three miles. I had been mostly walking and hiking on this trip so it was good to get back out and do my usual routine of self love. 

But now I know that I definitely need to work on running up and down hills and I have some experience with running with a dog. I can definitely say that a dog/running companion is in my future. 

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